Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some New Developments

The radiator is still out of the car, but has been repaired and is ready for reinstallation when we find the time to do it.
At the moment, the radiator looks better than the car itself.

We've also sucked all the glass and various other detritus out of the car, and removed the seats. It looks good except for the... you know, the ugly parts.

We've gotten a little more progress in on the fender. The front driver's side quarterpanel has been pounded out into a more or less carlike shape, useful for ugly removal later.

I've also sent the logo medallion off for Del to work his resource-having magic and get one made. I'll post up pictures when we have a physical object to post pictures of.

May the hands of Mechanus always guide your wrench,


1 comment:

  1. Okay kids. It's like this.

    I have wanted to have a project like this. Call it midlife crisis or some dang thing. But little Drake isn't so little anymore. In fact. He found a sweet-heart in earthquake country. Don't worry. Waaay above sea-level. Anyhow. He gave me Sadie.

    At first, I thought, "Great! Thanks a lot." But then I thought again. After all. I like to work with my hands. I have been wondering where I could get a donor car for my electric car conversion. So I took this as a divine sign from Mechanicus.

    So, somehow (he says after a deep deep breath) I'm going take the leap. I am going to make Sadie run on propane, electricity or as a hybrid.

    Say yer prayers varmints (or stay off the road). Papa Zure is coming.