Monday, August 3, 2009

Wishlists and vacuum cleaners

As always, there's a lot of things you need in a project like this.
Here's what we need. If anyone knows of a great place to get something on this list, or happens to have one of them just sitting around, please contact us.

[ ] headlights
[ ] left side marker light
[X] radiator
[ ] battery
[ ] shop manual (I'm not sure about this one, as Del has been able to download one, but a physical shop manual would nonetheless be helpful, especially if it's not in Italian)
[ ] tune up kit (I'm working off of a list written by my father, and he's not here right now. I have no idea if such a thing exists)
[ ] distributor cap
[ ] spark plugs
[ ] s.p. wire
[ ] windshield wiper arms
[ ] windshield wiper motor
[ ] windshield
[ ] wing windows
[ ] door windows
[ ] door handles (right and left)
[ ] inner door panels
[ ] right side floor pan
[ ] rear window
[ ] rag top
[ ] car horn switch
[ ] radio antenna
[ ] mirrors
[ ] dashboard
[ ] seatbelts for all seats
[ ] rollbar that fits and is functional

In car related news, our little baby is looking cleaner every day. We've had to rip out the passenger seat, and discovered that there's an enormous rusty hole in the floor under where it was. I suspected this already, but still, it's a bit disappointing. On the other hand, we've gotten the interior cleaned out, for certain dirty values of "clean". Pictures will be forthcoming just as soon as I can find/comandeer a good digital camera. I made a critical water-related error with my old one, and it no longer functions. Not much of a loss: it sucked.

May the light of the Cosmic Lord of Streetlamps shine down upon you,

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